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Cornaredo (MI) - 05 Giugno 2019


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IBM Italia VMware

Giovanni Boniardi

IT Senior Infrastructure Consultant - IBM Italia

Ha conseguito la Laurea in Scienze dell’Informazione nel 1987 presso l’Università degli Studi di Milano, con votazione di 110 e Lode Accademica.
Ha cominciato a lavorare per la Ing. Olivetti Italia nel 1988 come Ingegnere di Software di base presso il Laboratorio di Sviluppo Sistemi Operativi di Milano.
Dopo 5 anni è approdato in Banca IMI, principale società italiana di intermediazione mobiliare, dove nei successivi undici anni ha ricoperto i ruoli di responsabile sistemi, responsabile dell’esercizio IT e Chief Information Officer.
È in IBM dal 2007, dove ricopre il ruolo di Senior IT Infrastructure Consultant e di evangelist di tematiche innovative quali Green Datacenter, Dynamic Infrastructure e Cloud Computing. Ha svolto diverse consulenze per progetti complessi di IT Transformation and Optimization.
Attualmente lavora come Sales Solution Specialist di soluzioni Private Cloud all’interno del Growth Initiatives Cloud team di IBM.


Vito Leotta

Cloud Platform Sales Consultant - IBM Italia

Achieve budgeted signing & revenue for Italy Cloud Unit

Lead members of my team to deliver outstanding business results by Clarity, Coaching, Climate and Example.

Organizational ability and leadership. Strong determination to achieve targets. Strong ability to create team with collegues and employees in a trust climate. 
Creative and independent to build business and personal relationship with Customers and Partners. Attitude to change, also rapidly. 
Ability to simplify and to listen to learn more. Strong technological background. Honest, flexible and transparent.

100%Target achieved since 2011.
100% growth on sales results in 2 years in Business Analytics (2011-2012)
Awarded from employees as Best Sales Manager in 2010 in IBM SWG


Fabrizio Trombini

Senior Cloud Provider Manager, VMware

I’ve been in the IT industry for more than 15 years. My deep technical background, mixed with passion for innovation, acumen to understand the customer needs and ability to execute has been functional to my carrier where I been touching multi technologies helping large enterprise, commercial and small business to be successful in their digital transformation Journey. Thanks to my consultant approach, professional expertise, and knowledge of market/IT trends and GTM dynamics, I been able to consolidate the relationship with business partners and key customers and consistently exceed my goals year over year.

- Capability to perform detailed evaluation of the business environment including market trends, customer needs, assets/capabilities, and competitive realities to identify unique business opportunities and threats.
- Consulting approach helping the customers to succeed with their digital transformation journey.
- Ability to identifying new opportunities and expand with additional business. 
- Attitude to manage the entire sales cycle within a complex environment (Customer, Partners, SI and Developers) to effectively bring to the market the most disruptive solutions.
- Curiosity and continuous appetite to learn allow me to stay up-to-date and be relevant to the customer.


Ruggero Vota

Editor in Chief Office Automation, Soiel International

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